Vacation Homes and Tankless Water Heaters

Vacation Homes and Tankless Water Heaters

Making the switch in your vacation home from a traditional water heater to a tankless water heater just might be a very good move. You might find that this switch could make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of maintaining and operating your vacation home, to saving water and money on your water bill, and to protecting your investment in the property. Vacation homes and tankless water heaters are actually excellent partners.

Everyone has heard stories of people opening the door of their vacation home, expecting a relaxing stay, only to discover a minor flood somewhere in the house. A leak in your primary residence will probably be noticed before much damage is done – because you are there and you would know if something went wrong. A leaking hot water heater in a vacation home could do serious damage before it was noticed.

Many families with vacation homes rent or loan them out to family, friends and co-workers. Every time someone uses your vacation home, you provide instructions about how to turn everything on and how to start up the hot water heater. If the unit is electric, this is a fairly simple matter. But if you have a gas water heater, the procedure is a bit more complex. When guests leave your vacation home, you probably ask them to turn off the hot water heater – then you cross your fingers and hope they do so.

Installing tankless (instant) water heaters in a vacation home eliminates the whole start up and shut down process and protects your property from water damage that could result from a leaking hot water heater. It also gives you peace of mind. You can be more confident that your investment in the property is safer.

The use of tankless water heaters in a vacation home will also conserve water and energy. There will be no extended period of running water and waiting for the hot water to reach the tap. There will also be no need to continuously heat a large amount of water to a standard temperature when it might not be needed for quite some time.

Heating only the amount of water you need at only the time you actually need it is a perfect way to provide hot water in a vacation home. In the process you can also protect your vacation paradise from the risk of an unexpected small flood.


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