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We ask of our plumbing two simple things in Logan Lake - water in and water out. Sometimes that's not always the case. A frequent problem is kitchen clogs most often caused by fats that have been liquefied by hot water from the sink or dishwasher to flow down the drain. As the water cools, however, and before it reaches the main sewer, the fatty deposits cool and solidify along the walls of your pipes. Over time, these deposits trap debris and before long, the pipe is clogged shut.

Best tip: Don't let grease go down the drain! Scrape fats away into a tin can, and throw it into the wastebasket. Always run your garbage disposal with plenty of cold water. If your drain does get clogged, try a plunger. If you are working in a kitchen with a double sink, seal the drain on the other side with a small towel. Seal the mouth of the plunger over the clogged drain, and pump vigorously several times. If problems persist, please contact a Logan Lake plumber today!

2. Tankless water heaters are perfect for vacation and second homes. When you are not staying in a second home or a vacation home, it is always wise to turn off any appliances and utilities not in use. This saves money and protects your property. Use of tankless water heaters in these second homes eliminates the risk of a leaking water heater tank, eliminates the cost of leaving the water heater running when the house is not in use, and eliminates the long wait when you do use the house while the gallons and gallons of water in the tank reach the desired temperature.

3. Tankless water heaters are a perfect idea when water must travel from one end of the house (where the hot water heater is located) to the other end of the house (a second or third bathroom). If you are serious about conserving water, consider the amount of water used when you run water waiting for the hot water to reach the tap you are using. If there is only a short distance between the water heater and the tap, you might not waste a lot of water. But if the water must travel to the other end of the house, you could waste a large amount of water and you might find that the water cools somewhat as it passes through the pipes. A tankless water heater provides instant hot water at the desired temperature.

If you are a Barriere homeowner interested in conserving water, conserving energy, or protecting your investment in a second home or a vacation home, you might want to consider installing tankless water heaters.


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