Healthier Water for Your Kamloops Home

Healthier Water

Beyond drinking water ... the dangers of bathing or showering in chlorinated water...

Chlorine, easily absorbed by the skin while bathing or showering, has been linked to bladder cancer and should be filtered before use by your family.

If the tap water in your community is chlorinated, you may be at a higher risk (up to 27% higher) for bladder cancer than those whose tap water does not contain chlorine. (According to a study conducted by the National Bladder Cancer Institute).

The risk is there not only in drinking chlorinated tap water but also simply by bathing or showering in it. In fact when you bathe or shower, the warm water opens up the pores in your skin, which soaks up the moisture twice as quickly as actually drinking the same water. Not to mention the fact that during showering your lungs are rapidly absorbing the chlorine as well.

Chlorine is a toxic chemical used to reduce and kill bacteria and viruses. It may harmful to drink and also harmful when absorbed through the skin and lungs.


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