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Kamloops, BC

Keep your plumbing jobs down altogether by taking good care of your plumbing. Most plumbing emergencies in your Kamloops home are caused by backups. Avoid having items such as grease or hair, which are responsible for most clogs, go into your drains. Putting vinegar, followed by boiling hot water down the drain is said to cut through grease clogs. Use a mesh catch in all of your drains to catch hair and avoid it going down the drains. Use a drain cleaning product once a month to keep the drains clean. If you do hire a plumber to install a fixture, save money by buying your own fixtures.

A Kamloops plumber will add a premium to any fixtures he has to obtain for you. Just make sure you agree upon the type of fixtures you will use. Some plumbers won't guarantee certain cheaper brands. If you keep all of your plumbing fixtures properly maintained, you can almost eliminate the need for a plumber. Make sure fixtures are attached properly and tightened. If you do call a plumber, make sure you know exactly what the problem is so the plumber can fix it and get out; don't forget he charges by the hour so you don't want to spend precious time discussing the problem. Keep a list of plumbing problems, so that if you have to call a Kamloops plumber for one thing, you can have him fix everything in the same visit.


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